Adding an Alias to a Domain

Adding an Alias to a Domain


May 28, 2023

Domain Aliases

After you’ve created a Domain and activated it, it’s time to add Aliases (the good stuff).

Ensure your domain is active, your screen should look like this:

(if you’re seeing “Activation Pre-requirements” with DNS records, go back to Adding a Domain for activation steps).

New Alias

When you click + to add a new alias you’ll see the fields for an Alias:

  • Alias: this is your inbox name (required)

  • Domain: the domain of the alias (already set for you)

  • Nickname: the human readable name that will show up as “from” for emails

  • Description: helpful text for managing aliases

The New Alias dialog window

After you click Add Alias, it will be created and you’ll be routed to the Alias detail page!