Alias Types

Alias Types


Jun 2, 2023

Alias Types

Different Alias types behave uniquely when sending, receiving, and replying.

Discussion (Group)

Discussion is the default Alias type. This is designed for group conversations where you add all the email addresses of your team, friends, family, or community, like a mailing list.

When sending an email to a Discussion Alias, everyone in the group receives the email and the sender is the name of the Alias (like “From: Family Beach Trip”. Replying is like Reply All, where everyone in the group always sees the replies. This Alias type is great for keeping everyone in the loop and fostering collaboration.

This Alias type is not designed for sending or replying externally, but can optionally receive external (public) emails to the entire group.

Inspired by traditional mail lists and things like Google Groups, where you can only receive emails from people inside the Aliases, and they send and receive as the Alias email.

💡 ProTip: turn off Public Email for this Alias so only those in the Alias addresses can send emails to the group!

Common use cases:

  • Family trips (ex:

  • Common interests (ex:


Account Aliases are great for protecting your real email address from external senders. You can everyone in the Account Alias will receive inbound emails (like Sales, Support, or website account emails). You continue to protect your identity when replying to external senders, as they will see your reply as the name of the Alias.

⚠️ If you reply to the Alias and not the external sender, only those in the Account Alias will see the response, not the external sender.

Aliases can also be used to create custom domain email addresses for individuals or businesses. This allows for a more professional and personalized email address without having to set up a separate email server or pay for expensive email hosting services.

Common use cases:

  • Social (ex:

  • Contact (ex:

  • Sales (ex:

  • Support (ex:

Distribution List (DL)

⚠️ Coming soon!

A distribution list (DL) is a one way communication to a group of addresses in the alias. DL’s are not designed for replies, so if someone replies they will be replying as their real email address.

Perfect for when you’d like a group of people to receive from one email address, and reply outbound as themselves.

Common use cases:

  • Design Team (ex:

  • Event promotion (ex:

  • Monthly newsletter (ex: